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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Land of the Flying Dragon

She's always on holiday, I hear you say. Yes, actually, as my time here whizzes by I'm getting in as much tourism in as possible.

So I just got  back from Bhutan. What a magical place. First off the journey. The landing was spectacular, giving the passengers views from  both sides of the aircraft as it angled its way passed the mountains and into land. Known as one of the most dangerous aircraft landing spots on the world, currently there are only eight pilots licensed to fly the route.

Anything I'm going to say about the holiday will sound like a travel book overdoing the praise. Take it as read that I loved it. They call it the last Shrangri-La. It is. It's heaven.

Maybe it's the mix of a small land of 70% forest lots of it unexplored, the low Himalayas,  people who mainly wear national dress which includes skirts and long socks for the men, the curious religion that is Bhutanese Buddhism, prayer flags everywhere,the shy, friendly people, the red-robed monks, the 32-year-old King and beautiful new Queen, the official National Happiness Index by which the country's success is measured. Whatever it is, it works.

I read an article which said that - in Bhutan the first couple of days are spent 'noticing' and the rest of the time is spent 'becoming aware'. It's true. There's something about it. Whatever I come to Bangladesh to find, I have been too busy to look for. But it came to find me in Bhutan. On the mountain-top sky burial site surrounded by the Himalayas I said goodbye to Donald; in a 1,000 year old temple I found purpose;  in the dense virgin forest walking three hours to find a hidden nunnery where girls as young as nine and women as old as 82 live happy lives, I found clarity and focus. 

So, expect a new me when I get back to the UK in ten days time, and France in three weeks.


  1. I have enjoyed your posts Louise, and your photos have been stunning. Enjoy what is left of your trip. best wishes. Janice.

  2. Louise your insights in this post are just so descriptive to match the story told by the accompanying photos.

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